Monday, November 24, 2008

Report on the 1st Kayuhan Anggerik.

Dataran Shah Alam was closed since 6.30pm just for the 1st Kayuhan Anggerik.
Cyclist started to gather at the dataran from 8pm. Adun Anggerik came to launch the event. A short speech was given. About 200 riders came. The cyclist start pedalling their bicycle at 9pm with the escort of the police. There were two rides. The first was 13km (with the help of police) n the second was 20km.

Things were not in order for the first ride, as the front group was riding too fast. Most of the cyclist in the front row did not get the idea of Kayuhan Anggerik. It was NOT a race. It was a fun, awareness ride whereby we want to promote cycling among the public as a lifestyle. We are not promoting the sport of cycling. We hope that the next Kayuhan Anggerik will get the same support from all the cyclist and we also hope that who ever who came will get the idea of Kayuhan Anggerik so that the mess the other day won't be repeated again.

Special Thanks to:
Polis Trafik
Timbalan Dato Bandar Shah Alam
Adun Anggerik
Mazda for sposoring t-shirt for the 1st 100.

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Beskal Chap Ayam said...

hi nak tanya sikit this ride just for MTB or for All

azizan fixie said...

Beskal Chap Ayam
Pepe beskal pun boleh:-) it's a fun ride. Cuma that day beskal karbon naik sheikh je...