Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kayuhan Anggerik 21 November 2008(Monthly Nite Ride)

Tarikh: Jumaat 21hb November 2008
Masa: 8.30 malam
Tempat berkumpul: Dataran Shah Alam-(Bersebelahan Quality Hotel Shah Alam dan Plaza Alam Sentral)
Lebih kurang 20-25km tapi ada laluan pilihan 12km.
Langkah Keselamatan: Tolong pakai helmet dan jangan lupa lampu depan dan belakang.

Jom ramai-ramai gegarkan Shah Alam! Tak kira la senior, junior, newbie, season. Bawak family lagi bagus. Kayuhan Anggerik adalah kayuhan bulanan pada setiap hari jumaat minggu ke3. Bagi sesiapa yang inginkan cabaran bukit, Shah Alam merupakan tempat yang paling sesuai:-)


Anonymous said...

Salam Che Din.

Would be great if you'd post a map to Shah Alam & the correct location. Probably a legend of where to park & get ready.


azizan fixed gear said...

Wsalam Man
tk tuk soalan tu. Lokasi Dataran Shah Alam sebelah je ngan Plaza Alam Sentral. Direction cari ke arah UiTM atau ke kompleks PKNS. Dataran tu dekat gak ngan Masjid Negeri Shah Alam. Map takde at d moment. Ni pun aku update blog pakai phone je:-) Nanti aku cuba bagi coordinates GPS.

Tentang parking tu, En Shaharudin tengah usahakan tuk sekat area tu bagi program kita ni. Tapi kalau parking jadi masalah, next event kita tukar meeting point ke belakang Hotel Concorde Seksyen 9.

Amir Faezal said...

"Tak kira la senior, junior, newbie, season. Bawak family lagi bagus"

Relying on the above promotional words, I brought along my 10 year old daughter and our 20kg tandem with fat mountain bike tyres.

What I saw was a bunch of guys trying to outdo each other by riding in excess of 35km/h leaving everyone behind.

Ok so you guys are fantastic,you guys are fast. You made your point. Shaharudin should sign you up for a UCI team immediately now. The objective of kayuhan anggerik to "mencungkil bakat-bakat baru" was achieved within 7 kilometers and within the first 30 minutes.

So how about the ladies and kids who were there that night? How about parents who like me thought let's have a pleasant ride around Shah Alam in the relative safety of numbers? We were left behind to complete the ride on our own.

I was happy for Azizan who took the initiative to gather a bunch of us to ride a second-and more meaningful loop-at a pace where everyone could follow just so that the evening was not wasted.

I believe there are many other rides more suitable for those who want to average 45kmh, pedalling at a cadence of 95rpm at 75% of their max heartrate. I am not sure if the Anggerik ride is the place for that.

There were many that night who were quite unprepared by the frenzied pace of cycling. Many were caught completely unaware that the pleasant ride which they had came for turned out to be a small criterium race.

If the ride is about speed then please say so in your blog. My daughter and I would have ridden on our own in Bukit Jelutong even if we would really love to support any form of cycling activities in Shah Alam.

I would like to hear Shaharudin's own thoughts of what his vision is for Kayuhan Anggerik. Is it to encourage cycling as an activity in Shah Alam OR is it to unearth cycling talents for racing?

Perhaps I should have paid attention to the objective spelled out in the heading of this blog.

At the time of posting I am not sure if there will be a second Anggerik ride for me or my kids. We'll just stick to the Putrajaya Critical Mass which seems to have a clearer idea of what it is and what it wants to be.

Anonymous said...

it was supposed to be a slow ride. Even during the launching, en. shaharudin told that it was not a race. But then, most of the cyclist who came made it as a race since with the police escort etc, they were excited. Besides the police also was taking the ride fast, n Azizan can't inform them since it was too fast. That is why we made another slow pace.

It was suppose a slow mass ride. The cyclist who in the front row need to be blame, because even myself was lost as i took the exit after sirim, and all in know the route was further to the istana.

The idea of the mass need to be understood by all who came. It was not a race, its was an awareness ride. We can't stop to those wo cycle fast from participe, as the road belong to everyone.

azizan fixie said...

To Amir
Actually En Shaha did not put up this blog. Haziq and I were the one who created this blog. The purpose is for easy dissemination of information. We can't be sending smses to inform everyone whenever there's a ride. It's too costly.

I will forward your comment and the rest to En Shaha so that he will be aware about it and improve in the future ride.

Thank you for coming that nite to support the ride and you have been very supportive and very easy going person. I experienced that during recently PCC interstate:-)

I was caught by surprised that nite as well with the speed. I really thot that with the police and marshall around it will be the safest and most enjoyable ride. But it turn out to be otherwise.

My first meeting with En Shaha and 4 others at Putrajaya in organizing this ride was to create awareness among the public about the benefits of cycling. I thot it will be something like PCM. But within 2 1/2 weeks En Shaha managed to make it a grand opening. Thanks for his effort. But to me the most important thing is the enjoyment that we experience about the ride.

I really hope that we could give a 2nd chance for the organiser to improve in the next ride.

Anonymous said...


I've gotta tip my hat for Azizan Fixie. Saw him riding back n forth like a headless chicken trying to catch up with the bunch of "show-offs".

But then again, sometimes things do get out of our control no matter how well we plan them. Let it be a lesson to Shah Alam.

Kasi chan lah...

Kalau masih jadi "KKK" Kayuhan Kelam Kabut jugak, its an open road...

Definately not a place to "Mencungkil bakat-bakat baru"

Man CIOCC 1965

Anonymous said...

This is a normal phenomenon in Malaysian Cyclist. They said they support cycling activities but they actually kill the activities.

I don't think En Shaharudin should sign up them for UCI team. They are too dumb to differentiate what is community ride and a race.

I read in JomKayuh forum, there is a group of cyclist that include veterans left far behind without any support. The writer consider it as a nightmare.

A ride that actually designed to be safe for all level turn out to be a nightmare. Very very bad.

Please on the 2nd Kayuhan Anggerik should be a 'kayuhan' not perlumbaan.

For all 'mat-mat karbon and mat-mat aluxx tayar halus' who show off that night please get yourself a very big mirror so you can see yourself.

You're too fast to fit or too dumb to understand the terms 'kayuhan' yet you are too slow for a race. You are nothing but a car which not too fast and not too slow driving in the middle of the road and make everybody 'susah'.

Please be considerate to the veterans, childrens and families rider. You can have all 29 days in a month to race but please spare 1 day for 'kayuhan' and let everbody happy and enjoy the ride.


Amir Faezal said...

I am happy to see that there appears to be a consensus that the Anggerik ride is to be made accessible to every level of cyclists. It is not a race, it is a mass ride at a pace where everyone is comfortable with. Where the young and old, women and children can all participate. Where people on any kind of bicycle can bring it out for the ride.

Give your Pinarello Prince with aero bars and deep profile HED carbon fibre wheelset a rest just for one night in a month.

Shah Alam is a good city to ride in. The roads are wide, the population density is relatively low. It has many places where people can ride and stop for a rest. If more Shah Alam residents see what the city can offer in terms of suitability for cycling, it has a huge potential of attracting people to get on their bikes not just for recreation but for other activities as well eg commuting, going to the corner shop instead of jumping into their cars for even the shortest distance. The Anggerik ride is a perfect platform for that. It even received a big endorsement write up in the Straits Times yesterday.

But we have to be clear as to what we want it to be. We have to take ownership in defining what the objectives are. I would prefer it to be a Shah Alam chapter of the PCM. I read that 212 people turned up for the inaugural Anggerik ride, that's an impressive number. If we keep bringing in the numbers but maintain the pace as easy, the numbers can only grow.

We have to manage the testosterone levels of our psuedo racers and tell them to go easy. They have many other outlets for fast riding.

I am happy to see that the sentiments expressed here are similar to mine. I think I will give the ride a second chance and turn up for December with my kids. Hope to see you guys there

Azizan fixie said...

We should focus more on Circle of Influence rather that Circle of Concern. In other words we could influence the people around us to take up cycling as their activities for recreational and commuting purposes. Cycling is also fun:-)

For running errants, cycling is the best alternative mode of transport especially a place like Shah Alam eg Sec 9. I always find the best spot for my bike and it's free:-)
Owh...by the way, my Pinarello is still at the bike shop. I don't need it at the moment as far as my cycling needs are concern. My fixie and cromoly mtb is good enough for me for my activities:-)